Collection permit

Recipient of the money collection permit:
Ronald McDonald Lastentalosäätiö sr (1088685-3)

National Police Board

License number and date of issue:
RA/2020/572 – 18.5.2020

Implementation area of ​​collection:
All of Finland, excluding Åland (Ahvenanmaa)

Use of the collected funds:

The collected funds will be used to cover costs of maintenance and repair of the Ronald McDonald House, as well as the rent of the property. The house is intended for children and their families from other parts of Finland coming to the New Children’s Hospital for prolonged treatment. In addition to covering the daily operating expenses, the funds are also used to increase the well-being and safety of families, such as on call duty.

In addition, collected funds can be distributed as grants for pediatric research or as support to organizations whose activities include early childhood education, taking care of basic needs, or research, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of physical and mental illnesses and other pediatric diseases.

Policy executor:
Ronald McDonald Lastentalosäätiö
(Ronald McDonald House Charity foundation, Finnish chapter)